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What is the ‘lemon law’?

The ‘Lemon Method’ for replacing defective cars very easy to understand

– The Lemon Law is a convenient term for the ‘car exchange/refund system.’ It carries the meaning of ‘I bought it thinking it was an orange (a normal product), but when I tried it, it turned out to be a very sour lemon (a defective product).’ This is an American consumer protection law that stipulates that manufacturers provide exchanges, refunds, and compensation to consumers when a defect occurs in a vehicle or electronic product. Even if a problem occurs with an expensive car, it is not easy for ordinary consumers to respond. This is because it requires specialized knowledge and deals with large corporations. The automobile exchange and refund system was started to protect consumers who are harmed by this social structure where it is difficult to receive relief. It is also a law that already has a long history in the United States and Europe. California's lemon law was enacted in 1970. Each state has slightly different lemon laws, but you can receive the most compensation in California.

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